Fjällräven Greenland: An iconic collection

Fjällräven Greenland

It was originally in the 1960s, when outdoor clothing was not as functional as it is today, its shortcomings became clear during the Scandinavian Greenland Expedition of 1966, where interestingly, Fjällräven supplied the backpacks and new revolutionary thermo tents. After returning home, the expedition members had in-depth discussions about outdoor... View Article

The Fjallraven Kanken: An Iconic Bag’s History

1970's Children on Bikes With Kanken Bags

You’d be hard pressed nowadays to visit any bustling city and not see at least one Fjallraven Kanken knocking around. The Kanken is perhaps the most iconic rucksack of all time, worn by people of all ages and tastes, throughout the world. It comes in more than 50 base colours... View Article