History of Fjällräven

Walkers kitted out in Fjallraven gear, trekking through Scandinavian mountain range

Åke Nordin created Fjällräven with a vision to make nature accessible to more people. He created his first backpack in his parent’s home with the idea for a bag that could fit all of his of gear in it and sit comfortably on his back, using a wooden frame.

From this idea he launched Fjällräven in 1960, with one product – A backpack with an aluminum frame much like the first he created, over the next 10 years the product range expanded introducing tents, sleeping bags, jackets and trousers. Including the brand defining Greenland Jacket, the Expedition Down Jacket and the iconic Kånken backpack offering practical solutions for the outdoors and became a popular and trusted brand throughout Sweden.

Historical Fjallraven Magazine Advertisements for Camping Equipment, Tents, Outdoor Clothing & Backpacks

Over the next 20 years Fjällräven expanded globally, supplying practical outdoor clothing and equipment for enthusiasts worldwide. In 2005 Fjällräven launched their first Classic: a 110km-long trek through northern Sweden, realising one of Åke dreams to enable people to get out and trek through the wilderness and experience nature, and have subsequently launched more treks globally.

In 2017 Fjällräven mountaineering Begtagen collection, inspired by the Swedish mountains the brand was born from. And in 2018, they revisited one of the first defining products, the Greenland Jacket and the collection it forged, to create Greenland Updated.

Whether they are looking forward, backwards for inspiration, Fjällräven are always moving towards a common goal – Enabling and inspiring more people to experience nature.

Historical Magazine Advertisement for the Fjallraven Greenland Climbing and Outdoor Jacket and 1970's Walkers Group