Stitching Gratitude: A Kånken Embroiderer Interview

We sat down with our valued member of the My Fox Bag team, Sue, who has been creating some beautiful embroidered custom Kånken designs. We asked her a few questions to discover her process and why she loves the practice so much. Let's find out:

Craft table with colourful embroidery threads, Fjällräven backpacks, and sketching paper, during a Fjällräven customisation event.

When did you first get into embroidery?

"Probably at art college, when I started to personalise clothes - I added patched to jeans and embroidered around the edges then progressed to more and more patterns, flowers, words..."

What do you enjoy most about embroidery?

"That's it's possible to create something unique and beautiful, plus it's very therapeutic - a real mindful experience."

What's your favourite thing to embroider?

"I'll embroider anything! Being an artist it's about trying to create something special with the stitches, it's the challenge of that!"

What else do you get up to in your spare time? 

"I do some charity work with a local charity 'Schools for Gambia'. 

I am an artist - I paint to commission from small portraits to large wall murals - I'm currently painting a renovated gypsy caravan. 

I also have an online business and trade at art markets, bike rallies, shows and festivals selling hippie / alternative / fairtrade clothing, gifts and home accessories!

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