Fjällräven Classic

The Fjallraven classic in simple terms is a trek through nature. It is a chance to socialise with other hikers and enjoy the trek of a lifetime. Expanding from the original location in Sweeden, you can now join Fjallraven Classic in eight different locations around the world: Sweden, Denmark, Germany, US, Korea and Hong Kong.

The idea came from Fjallraven founder Ake Nordin, at the start of the 21st Century. He had always been inspired by the dramatic landscapes and breath-taking scenery of the Swedish mountains. With the aim of wanting others to explore the same landscapes and feel the freedom of spending a few days trekking on the trail, he created the Fjallraven Classic.

The first Swedish Classic took place in 2005, with 152 finishers. Today, the Fjallraven Classic really does reach the masses, 10 years later there was 2136 finishes in 2015, followed by even more in 2019 and soon to be at the Fjallraven Classic Sweden 2022.

Fjallraven Manchester Store Manager Darren is going to participate in this year’s Fjallraven Classic Sweden, starting on 12th, 13th and 14th of August and closing on the 19th August. Darren has began his preparation for his long trek ahead.

Planning his route and what stops he is going to take. 

With the right kit, your Fjallraven Classic experience will run smoothly. Her is a picture of Darren’s kit including lots of essentials to get him through the tough yet exciting ‘Kings Trail’ above the Arctic Circle.

Safety first, Darren has his first aid equipment packed in his Fjallraven gear bag.

Inevitably a snack is a must for a long trek ahead. Darren will be staying fuelled and energised.

We wish those who are participating in the Fjallraven Classic Sweden the best of luck, here at My Fox Bag we will be documenting Darren’s journey so be sure to check our socials over the weekend for updates.

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