Fjällräven Kånken No. 2: It’s a Worthwhile Sequel

The original Fjällräven Kånken that launched in 1978 is a sure design classic. There’s no disputing it.

So it’s understandable that, on first glance, people are suspicious of the Kånken No. 2, which looks slightly more dressed-up than the rough-and-ready original design.

How is the Kånken No. 2 different from the Kånken Classic?

The leather straps and leather logo are what makes No. 2 immediately distinct from the Kånken Classic, but there’s much more to it than superficial detailing. As with all things Fjällräven, there’s reasoning behind it. It’s not just a sequel for the sake of it.

G-1000 fabric

The main upgrade the No. 2 offers is Fjällräven's G-1000 fabric – a densely woven mix of cotton (35%) and polyester (65%).

The outer and the seat pad are made from G-1000 HeavyDuty Eco, which is coated (on both sides) with the brand’s famous Greenland Wax.

The inside back pocket, meanwhile, is made from G-1000 Lite Eco, which provides durability and protection without adding unnecessary weight.

What does all of this mean in plain English, for the backpack owner?

Greater water-resistance and harder-wearing fabric – making it a year-round backpack.

Leather handles and detailing

As mentioned earlier, the leather details are the most immediately apparent, giving it a smarter appearance but also ensuring durability in stress areas.

This added smartness makes the No. 2 a more work-friendly bag – one that looks just as much the part on the commute and in the office as it does out and about, or travelling the world.

Does the No. 2 come in various sizes?

Yes it does. You can get it in the following sizes:

  • 2 (Regular) – same as the original Kånken Classic that has been on sale since 1978, with a capacity of 16L
  • 2 Laptop 15 – this one is slightly larger, with a volume of 18L, and comes with a padded laptop compartment at the back – which can hold laptops up to 15” in size (hence the name)
  • 2 Mini – with a capacity of 7L, this is just a scaled-down version of the regular size, and is perfect for smaller children

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