Fjällräven Tree-Kånken: Exploring alternatives to fossil-based materials

Tree-Kånken explores alternatives to fossil-based materials by introducing the lyocell process into the hardware sector.

This unique Kånken backpack is made from Pine Weave, a new 100% plant-based fabric made from spruce and pine trees sustainably grown in northern Sweden. It is a Kånken that dreams big, with the same reliable Fjällräven functionality you’ve come to expect from any Fjällräven product.

How is the Tree-Kånken different from the Kånken Classic?

Tree-Kånken backpacks combine the iconic Kånken simplicity with slightly altered details that give it its own identity. With a printed, reflective logo, flat front pocket and straps for securing items underneath. The fabric is waxed with a new and fluorocarbon-free special formula for a nice pre-washed look.

How sustainable is the Tree-Kånken?

Using a 100% renewable, bio-based raw material taken from sustainably grown spruce and pine trees, Tree-Kånken introduces the lyocell process to the hardware sector. To create the excellent, durable filament yarn required for backpack fabrics, production includes strict controls on raw materials (pulp) and processes.

The Pine Weave is durable by the construction (weaving method) and longevity is further enhanced by using a water-based PU coating, which is combined with wax (solvent-free recipe) to give an attractive patina.

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