The Cunning Craftsman Artist Workshop At Fjallraven Manchester

On Friday 10th September we were honoured to have artist The Cunning Craftsman, visit our store to paint and customise two Kanken backpacks. The inspiration behind the customisation was based around the rural and urban parts of Manchester as well as Fjallraven's core values; nature and sustainability.  

The Craftsman started the process by sketching out a rough design on each bag before he displayed his artistic skills with paint. 

Here you can see the finished pieces where The Cunning Craftsman has showcased a distinctive artistic style. It is clear that he has taken inspiration from humanities impact on nature. 

It was great to have The Cunning Craftsman visit our store in Manchester and to see so many people stop by to watch these art pieces come to life.

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You can check out The Cunning Craftsman's work over on his website and Instagram