Kånken Art '22 By Tekla

Fjällräven Debuts New Art From Swedish Artist Tekla Evelina Severin

Every year, Fjällräven reaches out to an established artist for a fresh take on the iconic Kånken bag, where the bag can act as a canvas for original expression and thoughts.

This year’s Kånken Art Project sees the brand team up with Swedish photographer, art director, interior architect, and multi-disciplined designer Tekla Evelina Severin, whose interpretation of the Kånken design, Free Horizon, is a lesson in colourblocking.

In a statement with Fjällräven, Severin meditates on her exposure to colour, where her work, not just as an artist, but as a wanderer and nature-lover, inspire her. “I started off with a vision of colour interpretation. I found a very strong connection both in nature and in the backpack’s design. An idea about the colour blocking pattern by nature itself started to take shape.”

The art project has resulted in three new colourways, all inspired by Severin’s favourite environments: warm, sunny latitudes, rugged archipelago cliffs and crimson glowing poppy fields in pink sunsets.

Expanding on the colourblocking, Severin decided that she wanted to work with colour in the same way and scale that nature does. “That’s when the horizon theme came about, because what is bigger and more splendid than a straight and open horizon line?”

The Kånken Art program is part of the Arctic Fox Initiative, with 1% of every purchase from the Kånken Art ’22 going directly to their work. It’s a way for Fjällräven to create engagement around ideas and projects that put nature first.

Three backpacks in blue, green, and coral colours displayed against tri-coloured background for product comparison.


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