Celebrating Over 40 Years Of Kanken

Designed specifically for school children when first released in 1978, the Kanken has become an iconic rucksack across the globe. It’s functional properties and authentic silhouette has compelled its position as Fjallraven’s best-selling product. 

Ake Nordin, Fjallraven’s founder, had the aim of creating functional and innovative outdoor products. This aim is still at the forefront of the brand today – and they certainly deliver.

The intention of the Kanken Classic design was to help improve the posture of Swedish school children suffering with back pain caused by outdated, traditional, shoulder bags. Now, over 40 years later, the Kanken Classic is not only a functional product but has become an international must-have fashion accessory, available in more than 50 colours.

Fjallraven has expanded throughout the years, creating an immediately recognisable range, offering more practical and revolutionary designs that have become almost as popular as the famous Kanken Classic.

The early 2000’s saw the launch of the Kanken Mini, followed by the Kanken Laptop Bag and Kanken Totepack in the late 2000’s. Kanken offers an extensive range of utilitarian accessories and effective products that dominate the industry.

This year has been a predominant year for Kanken due to their new ‘Kanken Me’ feature. Available on Fjallraven’s website, ‘Kanken Me’ allows customers to personalise the colours of each compartment of the bag, allowing them to express their personalities and create their own unique Kanken Classic.  

Here at My Fox Bag, we feel privileged to own one of the first Kaken Classic bags that were made. Comparing the newest Fjallraven items to the original pieces, it’s clear that the iconic design has barely changed since its release, inspiring various other brands and creating a benchmark for similar products. The Kanken Classic has become a recognisable product around the world, it’s fun and appealing yet simple aesthetic is everyone’s favourite. 


Classic green Fjällräven Kånken backpack isolated on a light background, showcasing its minimalist design

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