Re-Kånken: An eco-conscious update to the Classic Kånken

When the Fjällräven design team decided to re-invent the globally adored Kånken, they began by looking into the materials and production process to see how this renowned backpack could be improved. They decided the answer was through sustainability.

The fabrics used in the Re-Kånken are made from 95% recycled materials, and are recyclable themselves. Being made from this singular material makes it much easier for the bag to be recycled in the future. This material is recycled polyester, with one Re-Kånken being made up of eleven recycled plastic bottles. The only visible difference between the original Kånken and the Re-Kånken is the badge, which is embroidered instead of sewn on, giving the bag its own unique identity.

There is also a large environmental gain in how the fabric is dyed. By using a SpinDye technology, the Fjällräven design team were able to radically reduce the amount of energy, water, and chemicals used in production.

Here at My Fox Bag we believe in buying less but buying better, and the Re-Kånken will allow you to do just that. Shop our range of Re-Kånken and Re-Kånken Minis: